Wife Own’s Principal Residence and Considering Bankruptcy in Ontario

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Category: Bankruptcy in Ontario

Question: My wife bought the house I live in 20 years ago- she has paid all the bills and mortgage etc – I am the one who may have to go bankrupt due only to tax owing – I do not have any assets -is the house at risk?

Your spouse’s house is not impacted in your bankruptcy in Ontario in most cases.

Spouse Home BankruptcyYour wife’s house is not at risk if you declare bankruptcy in Ontario.  Since she has always owned the house, and she has always paid for it, and since you are not separated from her, it’s her house.

More information can be found in this article on what happens to a house in bankruptcy.

Each situation is unique. If you are worried about how your home will be affected by one spouse or the other filing for bankruptcy, contact a bankruptcy trustee to review your situation to determine if there are any other factors that would influence your decision to file bankruptcy.