Avoiding Bankruptcy

avoiding bankruptcy

Declaring personal bankruptcy is not the only way to eliminate your debt. Choose an option you can afford, and one that fits your situation. Find out if you can settle your debt with a consumer proposal and keep your assets.

Avoid bankruptcy

What Do you Keep If You Go Bankrupt In Ontario?

Ontario Exemptions

What Do you Lose If You Go Bankrupt In Ontario?

Cost of Bankruptcy in Ontario

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Do I Qualify for Personal Bankruptcy?

Jan 4, 2018 | Leave a comment

You are broke. No money. Way too much debt. You don’t feel you have any way out of your current situation. A friend suggests you file for bankruptcy, but you don’t know. Bankruptcy sounds so bad, besides, do you even qualify to file for bankruptcy? None of this is easy….

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Can I Get Fired For Filing Bankruptcy?

Dec 7, 2017 | Leave a comment

Many people fear the word ‘bankruptcy’ and one reason in particular for this fear is the possible effect a bankruptcy may have on your job. The good news is that the bankruptcy rules were designed in such a way to give some a chance of a fresh start, protection from…

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Can I Travel Or Move If I Filed Bankruptcy In Ontario?

Oct 13, 2017 | Leave a comment

Bankruptcy. It’s a scary word. I don’t think I have ever met anyone who likes the word ‘bankruptcy’. A lot of that fear and dislike comes from a lack of understanding of what bankruptcy is and how it works. My offices are in Mississauga and Toronto, and a lot of…

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