When Will Creditors Stop Calling After Filing Bankruptcy?

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stop collection callsYour creditors cannot continue to harass you when you go bankrupt in Ontario. Once you are bankrupt, your creditors are required to contact your trustee, not you.

When you file for bankruptcy in Ontario, your trustee will notify all of your creditors that you have filed for bankruptcy. Within five days of filing bankruptcy your trustee is required to mail to your creditors a copy of your bankruptcy paperwork. In many cases your trustee will fax the paperwork to the creditors, so they will be notified even faster.

By law, all legal actions against you, such as garnishments or collection activities, must stop once the bankruptcy documents are filed.

Creditors cannot start or continue any lawsuits, wage garnishees, or even telephone calls demanding payments.

Secured creditors, such as mortgage companies, must still be paid if you are keeping the secured asset (such as your car or house).

Be aware however that it may take time for your creditors to become aware that you have declared bankruptcy. If they call you, let them know you have filed for bankruptcy and give them the name and number of your trustee.

If creditors continue to harass you when you go bankrupt in Ontario, you should contact your bankruptcy trustee. Your Ontario bankruptcy trustee will explain in more detail how to deal with these creditors.

If you are receiving collection calls, and are looking for protection, talk to an Ontario bankruptcy trustee about your options. We can help you eliminate your debt and stop the stressful collection calls once and for all.

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