Kick Collection Calls To The Curb and Take Control Of Your Debts

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kick-collection-calls-to-the-curbIt’s 9:00am, you’re just settling into your work day and your cellphone rings. It’s “them” – one of a few collection companies looking for your next payment. It doesn’t really matter how you got here, the reality is that right now, the collection companies are calling. They call throughout the day, into the evening, sometimes even 10 times a day. Every time that number flashes on the phone, there’s a sinking feeling in your stomach. You know you have nothing to tell them. It’s time to start avoiding, and start planning.

Be Honest

With yourself, and with the collection agents. Every time you speak with them, you promise more than you can afford, which adds to your stress. You’re telling them what they want to hear, but you know it’s not the truth. The truth is you can’t pay. If you could, you would have already. If you’ve been dodging calls for some time now, your credit rating has probably taken a hit. That may mean that a consolidation loan is out of the question, as you’re seen as a high-risk client.

Get Professional, Unbiased Help

There is help out there and the most powerful tool you can give yourself is information. Like the kind of information that you can only get from a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. Licensed by the Federal Government to provide legal debt discharge, a LIT is your path to regaining financial control of your life.

Professionals in debt settlement and restructuring assistance, a Licensed Insolvency Trustee can help you get out of debt and rebuild your credit.

Take Control

Meet with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee and, together, come up with a debt solution tailored for you and your circumstances. We look at your income, assets and your family’s financial needs.

Debt solutions offered by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee are accompanied by federal law to protect you from collection actions of creditors. When you file bankruptcy or a consumer proposal, there is something called a stay of proceedings. Legal action, collection calls, and wage garnishments are stopped.

Moving forward with either a consumer proposal means that you are still repaying your debts, but it’s only a portion of your debts as negotiated and agreed upon by your creditors. You can pay that off in up to five years (or 60 months), but no longer. With a personal bankruptcy, depending on your income, you could be completed your duties in just nine months.

The best part is that you emerge totally free from debt.

Freedom From Debt

Imagine knowing that all of your pay cheque is yours. You have no debt payments to make and you can save money for your future. You’re able to easily pay all of your bills and even have money left over to save for your family’s future. Everything that was once a maybe – education funds, retirement, or a down payment on a home. Once you’re back on track and exercise a bit of discipline, your maybes, can become real possibilities. The fact is that no one needs to suffer under the burden of debt. There are solutions.

Speak with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee and get started on putting together your individual debt freedom plan.

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