Do I Need A Bankruptcy Lawyer or Trustee?

| Category: Bankruptcy in Ontario | Bankruptcy FAQ
Category: Bankruptcy in Ontario | Bankruptcy FAQ

Question: It is my understanding that the bankruptcy trustee works mainly for the creditors. Does that mean that I should see a lawyer before I consider discussing my debt and credit issues?

Ontario bankruptcy trustee or lawyerA Bankruptcy Trustee can best be described as a referee in the bankruptcy process.

Good question. It is a common misconception that a bankruptcy trustee works for the creditors. A bankruptcy trustee doesn’t work for the creditors, but they also don’t “work” for the debtor.

A bankruptcy trustee in Ontario is appointed by the court to administer the bankruptcy. The trustee’s job is to ensure that all rules are followed, by both the creditors and the bankrupt person. For example, the bankrupt is required to report their income each month, and to provide the trustee with information to file their taxes, so the trustee makes sure all information is provided.

However, if a creditor was to try to garnishee the bankrupt’s wages after the bankruptcy starts, that’s against the rules, so the trustee would obtain a court order to stop that.

The bankruptcy trustee is the “middle man”, like a referee in a hockey game, making sure both sides follow the rules.

Your question is: should I talk to a lawyer before I talk to a bankruptcy trustee? A lawyer works entirely for you, so if you want someone just to advise you, then yes, you can see a lawyer. However, for a lawyer to review your situation and advise you may cost a lot of money, and most people in financial trouble can’t afford the cost of a lawyer.

Our advice is to do your own research first, before visiting a trustee. There are many web sites that discuss ways to deal with deal with debts. Some sites focus on consumer proposals; others discuss personal bankruptcy in Canada. By researching your options, you will have a list of questions to ask your trustee, which should allow you to decide for yourself which option is best for you.