Bankruptcy and Divorce Debts: Equalization Vs Support Payments

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Category: Debts In Bankruptcy

Question: I am currently looking at personal bankruptcy due to large personal debt. I am anxious to get the process started but am also in the midst on a divorce trial commencing within the next month. My question is: If I start the bankruptcy process now and find during my divorce trial that I owe a equalization payment, can that be included in my bankruptcy?

Divorce Debts and BankruptcyNot All Divorce Debts Are Dischargable In A Bankruptcy

In most cases equalization payments are a debt that is included in bankruptcy. However, in divorce proceedings there are many factors that may change that answer.

For example, court ordered support payments are not discharged in a bankruptcy. The wording of the eventual court order will therefore determine what can be discharged in a bankruptcy, and what can’t.

This is a very complex legal matter, so you should discuss this in detail with your lawyer and a bankruptcy trustee before you decide whether or not bankruptcy is the correct option for you.